Kremlin trolls

The following accounts exist primarily to spread Kremlin propaganda, including war crime revisionism, hate speech, and dangerous misinformation. Strikethrough indicates a currently suspended or banned account.

Inclusion in this list does not mean these accounts are state-sponsored or operated. Rather, they all follow a pattern of being older, inactive accounts that "woke" approximately a year ago by posting dangerous COVID-19 misinformation. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, these accounts have exclusively posted Kremlin-sponsored news and Kremlin-backed viewpoints. Medical misinformation has largely fallen off - as if these accounts are incapable of maintaining multiple interests at once.


An example of the type of posts that reddit does not take action against can be found here. This violates both reddit's hate speech and incitement to violence policies - by using an ethnic slur and celebrating war crimes. Reported multiple times, always with an automated response: "We’ve found that the reported content doesn’t violate Reddit’s Content Policy."

A generous view would be that their report system is broken. Less generous - perhaps some members of the reddit team condone this behavior.

For active accounts, please contact or

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